Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's the five year plan?

I've been obsessed lately with the idea of finding a run-down foreclosure and fixing it up bit by bit until it's almost completely unrecognizable. I think I've been spurred on by the fact that the boyfriend spends everyday doing this as a carpenter and has expressed a desire to do the same thing with our own house. There's a lot less anxiety on my part knowing that I won't have to handle the measuring, math, leveling part of it.

Of course, I'm certainly not the first person to do this, and not the first to blog about it. I found this awesome website the other day when I should have been focusing on Roth IRA conversions and year-end reporting. Oh well. Check out this website:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What are today's happy pretty things?

Emersonmade! I'm gushing over these gorgeous flowers. These are the types of things that I'd wear if I didn't know that all of my friends would laugh at me. Maybe I can get away with it now that Jessie lives in Denver...

All of these photos came from

Love the scale! Love the colors! Love the styling in all of these photos. Can I be her please?
If anyone buys one of these clutches without getting me one I'll be a little upset.

What's the story with Brits and Hicks?

I have a new theory.

British people (the Irish and Scottish included) are obsessed with do I say this...more "folksy" segments of the American populace.

Perhaps it has something to do with the more rigid class structure that exists over there. The Gosford Park, Upstairs/Downstairs, mentality which has been engrained into their culture over centuries has established a more strict delineation between classes and therefore a greater fascination with the other side when those same upstairs individuals find themselves in the great melting pot that is the U.S. of A.

Hillbillies, trailer trash, hicks. North, South, in between. If you're more familiar with God Save the Queen, than God Bless America, you're going to love them.

Case in point: My cell phone rings at work the other day. Seeing that it's my boyfriend, the love of my life, the one who never wants to disturb me at work, I pick up quickly.

Me: "Hi Honey"
CM: "Babe? Can you get online and buy some tickets for me!?"
Me: Relieved that it's not an emergency but now slightly confused. "Um...sure. What's up?"
CM: "Did you know that Larry the Cable Guy's coming to the TD Garden next week?"
Me: Getting nervous... "I think I saw that I guess. You want tickets?"
CM: " Yeah! Morris and I are going to dress up in plaid shirts with the sleeves cut off and hang out with all the hillbillies. It's gonna be excellent!"
Me: Relieved again that I'm not expected to attend, cringing at the thought of those outfits "Ok Babe. It looks like the tickets are 80 bucks after all the fees and stuff. Still interested?"
CM: "Damn straight!"

Seriously? My previously mild-mannered boyfriend is a fan of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Deep breath, it's not a deal-breaker.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Washer on the Fritz?

Mine is. So I'm sitting here. Waiting.

After hearing that my landlord could get a repairman here between 8-12 today and getting the ok from work, I made an off-hand comment that I'm sure that didn't mean they'd show up after 11:30. Well, it's 11:47 and I'm coming to the realization that I wasted my time by making a sandwich to bring to work. That sucker just converted from "to-go" to "for here."

Let's quickly reflect on the positives:

-It's snowing outside and instead of venturing out to commute this morning, I got to sleep in a bit and hang out in front of the fire.

-I'm catching up on the blog and the blogosphere in general.

- I called work and was told it's no big deal since the day is really quiet.

Of course, reflecting on the positives led me to immediately come up with a counterpoint for all of them.

-It will be worse going to work this afternoon after being lazy and warm all morning. Not to mention that I've been in work clothes since 8am hoping that this whole repair experience would be wrapped up in a timely fashion.

-It's not like crabbing on my blog was a real priority and I have access to all those people with more interesting blogs from work.

-No matter how late this joker from Sears is I still have to go into the office since all of my study materials are there and I need to hit up Trader Joe's and stock up for the weekend. UGH.

Time to call the above-referenced jokers again.