Monday, June 9, 2008

What's the latest from Asia?

I will not be surprised if she gets arrested at the border with a brick of hasish in her carry-on. Poor thing. She was always such a sweet girl.

6/3/08 11:22pm EST (via text message)

Any idea what this item is? "This article can kill to put quickly, pouring the ball, gern, Ecoli, golden color. staphylococcus, white beads gern etc... Keep gern from crasing effectirely inefecially the sexual intercourse uses in front and back. Operation method: take this article to smears over directly in the usage part, soon afterward the clear water hurdles clean then." We have no idea what it is and those are not typos on my part!

Will all of my posts have an Asian twinge from now on?

Probably not but the next few will. Besides, Asia is so hot right now.

On Sunday, after a massive hippie house party at Sarah's, we dragged ourselves down to the Charles to watch Will and the rest of the SunLife team battle it out in the annual Dragon Boat Races. While I was entirely too hungover to remember a camera, there are plenty of pictures on the website to prove that this is actually a pretty serious thing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's the latest from Asia?

Our little jetsetter Jessie has been off on a whirlwind tour of China for the past week. Although I miss her, her dispatches from the front have been extremely entertaining. Thank goodness it's a work trip and her company proveded her with a global cell phone!

5/29/08 6:40pm EST
I need to take a shower but the directions say this in the shower:
"To head up to open the big circular switch the water comes out."

5/30/08 4:47am EST
I ate it in the summer palace in beijing. I slid down a slippery step and landed on my ass and scraped the hell outta my elbow. Thought you'd appreciate that.
P.s. Liz and I are celebs here- people ask to have their pics taken with us everywhere we go!

5/31/08 11:54pm EST
Just went to the blast furnace- it was actually fascinating!!! It was like being inside of the Discovery Channel's "How It's Made"!

I'm learning a lot about socialism but I still don't really understand. My legs are sore from climbing the Great Wall- no one ever tells you how steep that wall is! We have rice with every meal. They supplied us with face wash in the room that supposedly "removes fatty secretions from your face." Also, there is a sign in the bathroom that says "Be careful! Landslide!"
We're going to Xi'an tomorrow!

6/3/08 2:15am (via text message)
Hi! I'm in Xi'an today- got the crap kicked out of me in a chinese massage and eating a lot of rice! XOXO

6/3/08 10:52pm EST
I'm in shanghai now, and I'd give a kidney for a latte. Apparently there are 72 starbucks here though, so I should be in luck, and not have to sacrifice any organs.
I can't wait to see your place! I feel like the trip is flying by, but we are still gone for so long!!
I can't wait to show you what we got at the terra cotta warrior museum yesterday- by far the most treasured thing I've gotten yet. I think it will be nice for jeb's birthday. Hint: it has my face on it.