Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's new?

Hi there.

A list of random updates:

-I'm moving on Saturday. My new landlord, who lives next door, should provide some good blogging material. When I first met him I was a little embarrassed to show up deviously hungover and wearing a Red Sox hat until Larry welcomed us in a Hawaiian shirt with exactly two buttons fastened. I assume that this was chosen to better display the gold chains across his curiously hairless chest. More to come on that one.

-Speaking of Red Sox, I've been to 2 home games so far this season...both wins. I'm officially considering myself their good luck charm. I know they still win when I'm not there. Let me live with my fantasy.

-Big vacation coming up in June! I'm finally making the trip to California for a wedding and an extended stay in San Francisco. I'm very excited to check in with the long lost Wiebe and meet Alex and Jessie's baby boys.

-After receiving a very interesting pick-up line "Scuse...Are you from the UK?" I have scheduled a rendez-vous between my friend Sarah and I and two Italian engineers that I met in Cambridge. Half of me thinks it's a joke and they are actually American theatre majors practicing their accents. The other half hopes they are the real deal and the cute one will whisk me off to Tuscany. Pronto! Fillippo! Guiseppe!

Hopefully I will get my pictures online sometime soon and share some of the sights and sounds of The Hub in the summertime.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008