Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's the recipe for a successful New Year's Eve?

1. Spend most of December telling people that you don't care about New Year's and are sure that you'll end up doing something fun.

2. String along your friend Jenn for a couple weeks telling her that you think her idea of attending a Great Gatsby themed party at a boutique hotel is great but you need to hear back from your other friends before you commit.

3. 1 week before, realize that you have nothing else going on and it's time to hone in on a plan.

4. At the same time, get really excited about finding a 1920s outfit.

5. Realize that you only have 2 days (after work) to find said outfit.

6. Invite your childhood friends who now live on the West Coast to come over and watch you get ready. I promise it won't be awkward at all. Even after Pam tells you that your shirt doesn't fit. It's cool.

7. Have a couple glasses of champagne and pose for the camera.

8. Attend party and have a wicked time.

9. Commence drunken aggressive hugging phase.

10. Get lost behind your own hair.

11. Wake up the next day with all of your makeup on your pillowcase wondering how you got home.

Have you laughed hysterically today?

If not, here you go. You're welcome.

The Best Thing I've Seen In A While

P.S. Yes, I know that I'm being lazy by just posting links to other people's blogs. I'm working on it.