Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm not quite dead...

So I have been a terrible blogger lately and I apologize. I'm not quite sure who I'm apologizing to since everyone has most likely, lost interest in my blog. The robo-falcons really didn't go over well. Not that I'm into excuses but commuting to Boston has really cut down on my free time. Just to show that I have been missing my cyber-rants, I'm posting the following list of topics that I emailed myself from work as a reminder to blog about them. Feel free to discuss:

*Cute little fingerprinting man in the basement vault of a 101yr old building
*Elevator boyfriend/longboard boy
*Wine Night
*iPods and commuting
*Killers pictures
*Greg the real estate broker

I swear that I've had some worthwhile experiences of late so hopefully I'll get some time to share them this weekend if the packing stays on schedule. Moving day is June 1st!!