Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do you Manu?

Despite a Providence hangover of monstrous proportions, Jessie held me to my commitment of attending the Manu Chao concert at Avalon on Sunday. I am so glad went! It was amazing. Take a look at the crowd in this video. We got to see him in a venue about a 10th of the size and he was just as amazing if not better. They came on for 3 encores. AMAZING. Check him out if he moseys your way. I mean it.

How do you beat the heat?

Seriously...I'm looking for suggestions. I know there are only about .3 really hot days in the grand scheme of a year in New England but, right now, I'm considering selling my left arm for an air conditioner. I don't even like air conditioning. It gives me headaches ad makes my throat dry. Ok sorry. Too much information. My temporary solution is a large pitcher of frozen raspberry margaritas and mindless reality television. On to more fun things...

I finally returned to Providence this past weekend, got reacquainted with my old futon while a guest at Jeri Ann's and, crammed quite a bit of catching up (drinking) and nostalgia into a short weekend. Jeri Ann invited me down for a belated going away barbeque which was very sweet and really fun! I think the fact that I came away with only one picture from the whole weekend proves that it was jampacked...with drinking. The picture was of Jeri Ann's dog wearing his Hawaiian shirt. I'm not going to post it because I think the blog's been a little animal heavy lately. Nevertheless and long story short, I had a great weekend in the PVD even though some parts are a little fuzzy. As always, everyone's welcome to come visit in Boston!

If it wasn't so G-D hot, I'm sure I'd be funnier.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's the best thing you can do for your cat?

One of the first deliveries to our new apartment was Howard the cat. Howie is Jessie's cat who had been boarding with her parents while she lived with allergic roommates. Now that we're in an allergy-frre zone, it was time for Jessie to resume responsibility for him. Just for some background, Howard is a 13 year-old Himalayan fomerly belonging to Jessie's grandmother. Think Jinxy cat from Meet The Parents:

Anyway, it was soon determined that Howie was in need of a grooming. Obviously, cats like Howie require a higher level of maintenance than most. More hair leads to more mats. More mats lead to the "lion cut." With a little bit of nudging from me and a educated explanation from our new German friend at "No Bones About It," Jessie dropped of a normal looking, slightly bedraggled Himalayan and picked up one of the most uniquely entertaining characters I've ever been privelaged enough to know. Behold, the new and more aerodynamic, lion-cut Howard:

It's amazing. I know. Call me up and you can see him in person anytime.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Back With a Vengeance

Hello faithful friends.

I am finally relocated in lovely Brighton. Referred to by some as the "post college ghetto" or "the slums", our apartment is a cozy oasis in the midst of sweatpant clad 20-somethings and clattering T trains. My two roommates and I have put a great deal of effort into creating more than just a temporary dwelling. The result is a mature yet comfortable tribute to being a few years out of college and making the most of the resources at our disposal. Four days after our move-in and we're already throwing our first dinner party. Amanda came over for a delicious dinner facilitated by Trader Joe's groceries, my cooking, and Jessie's ambiance-creation abilities.

Look how mature and entertaining my friends are.

The move-in experience was one of the most ridiculous and frustrating experiences of my life. Most of you have already heard the details so I won't go into it here. Long story short, we dealt with a 21 year old stoner to rent our apartment, he completely screwed up the whole process, and I almost had to put all of my belongings in storage when the lease wasn't delivered and the landlord almost denied me access to the apatment. Bahhh. Thank goodness International Jessie showed up on move-in day to help us navigate the troubled waters.

So there will be many more fun stories to come from my roommates and I. Thanks to my trusty new internet connection, I'll once more be able to keep you all updated on things you didn't really care about in the first place.

Here we are after dragging ourselves out for Jeb's birthday on day one of the move. We're troopers.