Monday, September 27, 2010

I Have Become A Cliche...Almost

This was going to be a post about how I'm slowly realizing that all of those "bridal" cliches have some footing in reality. They are cliches for a reason. I was going to write about lists, stress, money, vendors, etc. etc. etc.

Then a couple of things happened.

I read a blog post that my best friend in the world wrote about me and the amazing place I'm at in my life. Then I realized that things aren't so bad when you have people in your life that know all your secrets and take time out of their day to be your cheerleader.

That revelation made me reflect back on this past weekend that Conor and I spent at my parent's house. In between me stressing about what size tent we should order and what in the hell we were going to do if it rained, I was surrounded by people who are just as excited about the wedding as I am. My parents, aunt and uncle, cousins, brothers and sister-in-law, and even extended family, are already offering time, guest rooms, cars, and a million other things that are way beyond the norm. This is the kind of wedding cliche I can get behind. My family is pitching in to contribute to the "big day" in any way they can and it's an awesome feeling to have all of that energy directed my way.

Add to all that the fact that some of my favorite people are headed into town this month for visits, I came home from a boring day in the office to Conor's homemade lasagna, and my heart broke wide open watching him doze off on the couch next to me after dinner, life turns out to not be such a cliche after all.

What is there to worry about when I'll be here in about 10 months?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Saturation Point

That's it wedding blogs. I'm done with you. Actually, I was done with you about three weeks ago but I've been too lazy to write a post about it. It was fun while it lasted. I mean it. Totally. However, when you get to the point that you start to judge other people's weddings (mason jars and mustaches on sticks* again? Really?) and second guess your own feelings about what you want your wedding to be, it's time to shut off the noise.

I'm set. Promise. It's going to be epic. Before we say goodbye though, I think there are a couple of things that we need to be honest about.

First of all, engagement photo shoots are totally bogus. Seriously. How the hell do these girls convince their fiances to dress up in bowties and short pants while sitting in a field having an overly styled tea party and get their picture taken? What do you do with those photos!?

I'm pretty sure that no one wants to sit down with you after a dinner party and look at a photo album of you two frolicking in an orchard or artfully leaning against a grafittied brick wall in Harlem while forming your hands into the shape of a heart. No, I do not want a portrait of us touching foreheads and petting bunnies as we lie on a picnic blanket surrounded by clothbound books. Posing with your mouth open and looking away from the other person doesn't make make you a real model. It's called trying too hard.

I would have posted examples but I'm not that mean. I'm sure these photos mean something to the people that paid for them. The last thing I want is for those people to look back at the hundreds of dollars they spent on pictures of them slow dancing in a desert with vintage clothing on and regret it.

Second, don't try to convince be that the only alternative to wearing a veil is pinning a silk flower the size of a pizza box to my head. Better yet, let's add a single ostrich plume sticking straight up from my forehead. Yeah. That will go over really well with my great aunt. I won't look back at the wedding photos 20 years from now and compare myself to this trend:

The volume makes you look skinnier. Promise.

Lastly (for now), there are so many amazingly talented people out there related to the wedding industry. However, I'm pretty tired of all the things that I'm "supposed" to have at my wedding. Yes, I took a bunch of graphic design classes in college and I'm passionate about beautiful paper products. However, custom letterpress invitations start around $600 and quickly go up from there. Calligraphers? Try $4 per envelope. Multiply that by the number of guests. Now consider that that is just for envelopes.

Yes, I love Etsy too. However, I'm not going to pay $120 plus shipping for a custom cake topper or $45 plus shipping for a monogrammed paper parasol so the pictures will look good. I could go on.

Maybe I'm bitter because I thought I had a really honest conversation with a caterer about what we wanted and he came back with a quote that equaled my ENTIRE budget. What was on the menu? Mini crab cakes and grilled cheese. Thanks but no thanks.

BTW, A Practical Wedding really sums this point up the better than I ever can. That's one blog that I'll keep reading thank you very much.

*Don't be surprised if mustaches on sticks show up at my wedding. They're hilarious even if they are over-blogged.

Map Man?

The good thing about having a Man Friend in the house is that when you find things on Etsy that you just have to have, you can tell them it's a present for them AND get them to hang it up for you.

Actually, the map is a present to both of us since Conor's from Northern Ireland, I studied abroad in Scotland, and his brothers live in England. It's an all-encompassing visual aid.

I think something is up with my camera since it's been taking less than wonderful pictures lately but here's a shot of the map in situ. The fact that the office is a shoebox doesn't help with the angles but I promise it looks good. I need to get the chair that Conor brought home for me reupholstered but I think that's going to wait a while. For now I'm going to make do with an impromptu slipcover.

Also, I saw a little chatter over on Kristen's blog about printer's drawers and how I'm currently borrowing Jessie's for my shell collection. Here are some photos for reference. Again, photos were taken on my tired camera, at night, after 3 Miller High Lifes. Nonetheless, you get the idea.

It's all about the building blocks...

What could this be you ask??

Baby steps.

I promise this mish mash of crappy iPhone photos will turn into something great come August 20, 2011.

Winner Winner Roasted Dinner

Granted, it's not the smartest idea to turn the oven up to 400 on a 98 degree day and make a roast dinner but the results were well worth it. Say hello to my friend roast pork loin. MMMMmmmmmmm.

Bonus points for eating out on the deck with an honest to goodness tablecloth.