Friday, November 14, 2008

Why don't people in my generation date anymore?

The following is an excerpt from a conversation two of my friends had at work over Skype today. If you have the patience to read through the whole thing, I think it's evidence that girls are just as crazy as boys sometimes. Let's start a national movement to eliminate setting up dates via text just screws up everything. Please note, I have changed names to protect those that tend to over-think situations and intentions.

[9:57:46 AM] ohmanyessie says: you're going on a date, right? ;)
[9:57:59 AM] Anonymous says: NO
[9:58:03 AM] ohmanyessie says: no?
[9:58:05 AM] Anonymous says: he was terrible
[9:58:08 AM] Anonymous says: so cocky
[9:58:10 AM] ohmanyessie says: what?
[9:58:15 AM] ohmanyessie says: what happened?
[10:02:18 AM] Anonymous says: well he called when i was at katie's so i couldnt pick up
[10:02:20 AM] Anonymous says: leaves a message
[10:03:19 AM] Anonymous says: saying, "hi it's tim, dont know if you remember me but im pretty sure we have plans this weekend, it's going to be on saturday night now because i have a family obligation, so what we are going to do is meet up and go to ned devines and have an exquisite time so call me back so we can figure it all out
[10:04:00 AM] Anonymous says: 1. he just blew me off for tomorrow and didn't ask if i was available on saturday. 2. Ned devines??? basically he wants me to go get wasted with him
[10:04:11 AM] ohmanyessie says: yeah....
[10:04:21 AM] ohmanyessie says: he seems kinda cocky, huh?
[10:04:29 AM] Anonymous says: so i text back saying, i can't talk right now but ned devines is the surprise? i'm not impressed
[10:04:40 AM] ohmanyessie says: wow!
[10:04:46 AM] ohmanyessie says: did he write back?
[10:04:58 AM] Anonymous says: and he writes, im not trying to impress you i'm just trying to get you dancing
[10:05:03 AM] Anonymous says: ew!
[10:05:34 AM] ohmanyessie says: hmmm, that's not what you wanted to hear
[10:06:52 AM] ohmanyessie says: i'm sorry
[10:06:55 AM] ohmanyessie says: so you're not going to go?
[10:08:41 AM] Anonymous says: yeah i'm not going. but i might meet up with my bates girls
[10:08:42 AM] ohmanyessie says: wanna go out and dance and get drunk and make out tomorrow night...then....maybe
[10:08:57 AM] Anonymous says: well the conversation didnt end there
[10:09:06 AM] ohmanyessie says: DESPITE ALL MY RAGE I AM STILL JUST A RAT IN A CAGE**
[10:09:09 AM] ohmanyessie says: oh!
[10:09:13 AM] ohmanyessie says: continue please.
[10:09:15 AM] Anonymous says: oooo good one1
[10:09:47 AM] Anonymous says: so after his dancing comment i said i have plans on saturday night
[10:09:52 AM] Anonymous says: and he said at ned devines?
[10:10:01 AM] ohmanyessie says: ha
[10:10:09 AM] Anonymous says: and i said i have a friend in town
[10:10:13 AM] Anonymous says: he said me too he's been here all week
[10:10:19 AM] Anonymous says: lets meet up and have some laughs
[10:10:36 AM] ohmanyessie says: wow he's persistent
[10:10:47 AM] Anonymous says: and i wrote, word of advice. take the girl out to dinner once before you tell her to meet you at ned devines
[10:11:02 AM] Anonymous says: and he wrote what kind of food do you like
[10:11:04 AM] Anonymous says: and i stopped responding
[10:12:57 AM] ohmanyessie says: it sounds like he's really trying to see you, Anonymous
[10:13:00 AM] Anonymous says: it's pretty clear what his intentions are, and to be honest i'm up for having fun. but i dont like that he built up this surprise date and then just cancels and tells me i'm going out on saturday night to ned devines
[10:13:17 AM] ohmanyessie says: he didn't really build it up, though did he?
[10:13:33 AM] ohmanyessie says: he probably had no idea what he was going to do
[10:13:58 AM] Anonymous says: ned devines though?? i mean ive only been there when i'm blacked out
[10:14:16 AM] ohmanyessie says: i just feel like i'd love for a guy who is tall, dark and handsome to call me a week after randomly making out at a bar and make funny jokes about going out again
[10:14:23 AM] ohmanyessie says: i've had good times at ned devine's
[10:14:35 AM] Anonymous says: yeah but i think it's sleezy
[10:14:45 AM] ohmanyessie says: well you don't want to feel sleezy
[10:14:55 AM] ohmanyessie says: and i think you should do what you want
[10:15:07 AM] Anonymous says: i dont like that he canceled the day before and said we're going on saturday instead without apologizing or asking if i'm free on saturday
[10:15:25 AM] ohmanyessie says: yeah
[10:15:26 AM] Anonymous says: i'm just trying to avoid cocky a*holes when i can
[10:15:53 AM] Anonymous says: if i feel like getting drunk and making out maybe i will
[10:16:02 AM] ohmanyessie says: i don't blame you
[10:16:17 AM] Anonymous says: but i'd like to try to hold myself at a higher standard

** My friend and I had just made plans to go to the Smashing Pumpkins concert tonight. So excited!!