Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There will be a record of things...I hope.

So. I may have found a photographer. I don't want to jinx it until she and I get together and discuss things but, she's young and starting out with weddings, came highly recommended, and has a really unique eye from what I've seen of her portfolio.

Did I mention that she's also within my frugal Yankee budget???

I've been totally avoiding the "find a photographer" check box on my to-do list because it matters to me more than I want to admit but I just don't want to pay too much. There's been too much budging with our budget lately. After taking photography in college, I also find myself being really critical of poorly executed photos. All of these factors create a perfect storm of "Idonwannadealwithit."

However, I think I might have found the perfect combination of talent, flexibility, and affordability so keep your fingers crossed and hopefully it will all be sorted soon! So excited.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On Pinterest and the exacerbation of desire...

I think I may be addicted to Pinterest. That's a little beside the point though.

I had heard rumblings here and there on the interwebs about this new site. Of course, Jessie and Kristen are much much cooler than me and were all over it already. Jessie soon sent me an invitation to join. Long story short, I now have a way of collecting all of the wonderful images I find online everyday with just a couple of clicks. It's amazing. If anyone wants to experience it for themselves, I have four invitations left.

What's the downside? Instead of working, instead of studying for my horribly boring securities exam, instead of putting some time into nailing down a photographer for the wedding, I sit around and OBSESS about having my own house. It's borderline ridiculous.

I've posted before about my desire to find a house that Conor and I can renovate together. He'll do the technical stuff, I'll annoy him by trying to help, and then we'll decorate with salvaged, vintage, and restored treasures.


Sorry. I just went over to Pinterest to get that example photo and got distracted for 10 minutes. Do you see what I mean?? Anyway, a house is a long way away for us. First we need to save for a wedding. Then we need to actually get married. Then we need to save for a house, find a house, and save up for all of these magical renovations I have in mind for the house I haven't found yet.

None of these realities help the fact that I stare at gorgeous interiors all day long now and troll the web for more and more images. It's never enough. It's like crack (not that I would know). I need to put all of these ideas to work soon or I'm going to go nuts. I almost wish that the company firewall would start blocking the site from me so I'd start focusing on more near-term goals. However, we all know that that's not nearly as fun.