Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Are Your Resolutions?

Personally, I prefer not to set myself up for a year of failure right out of the gate. However, in honor of the new year and all of those pesky resolutions everyone is going to come up with but never fufill, here are some websites to help you in your quest for self-improvement.

WARNING: That resolution to be more productive at work is about to go right out the window.

Resolution #1: Finally do something about that million dollar idea before someone else beats you to it.
Who's not a fan of the "Better Marriage Blanket?"

Resolution #2: Improve your vocabulary.
Make sure to scroll to the bottom and check out the lists.

Resolution #3: Be more aware of your surroundings. http://failblog.org/2008/10/18/juxtaposition-fail-3/
Keep clicking at the top for more.

Resolution #4: Be respectful of other people's hard work and creativity.
The snarkiness on this blog is outstanding.

Thanks to Jeb and Helen for keeping me informed on the latest websites that are immune to the company firewall. Happy New Year!