Monday, September 26, 2011

An Overdue Update

So who else is sick of that salmon photo? I am. I'm still making the recipe though.

The old blog is long overdue for an update. On the upside, a lot has happened since May. I went back to Denver. I cooked some tasty food. I planned a wedding and pulled it off. Most importantly, I was reminded of how amazing my friends and family are.

On the down side, the sheer awesomeness of this past summer has paralyzed me to the point where I don't know how to start describing it all. I'm in recovery. I'm getting back to normal. That in itself is pretty great.

I feel like the first order of business should be to talk about the wedding, how it made me feel, and share pictures of all my favorite moments. Sorry folks* but I'm just not ready yet. I'm still in a bit of a haze and I think it will be a little while longer until I've really wrapped by head around that amazing week and that gorgeous sunny day when Conor and I officially created our new little family.

Until then, I'm going to focus on the easy stuff. Now that I've knocked goal #1 off of the list, I'm going to revisit the rest of my goals and blog about some of the other progress I've made. My 29th birthday is in less than a month. Am I halfway there?

*Of course, "folks" is more of a figurative term since I don't know if anyone is still reading.

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