Tuesday, April 19, 2011

False Starts

The seven people that read this blog may have noticed a certain lack of posting lately. There's no real reason except that I can't seem to form an extended, cohesive thought. I think my attention span is shot. I've been reduced to interacting with the world around me in the quickest ways possible...texting, pinterest, flicking channels...Conor's even getting one word sentences most of the time.

I have all these half ideas that I can't turn actual posts. Oh well, let's fall back on the 30 list. I'm updating the list with a new goal since looking back, a couple of them feel like cop outs. To that end, I'm committing to trying a new recipe every two weeks.

The first attempt was a complete failure. I decided to make savory breakfast mini-muffins using two different recipes. It was ugly. The first was goat cheese and chive, the second was bacon and cheddar. Neither were appetizing once baked. I won't go into detail but I should have known things were off when they came out of the oven looking pretty much the same as they did going in. Just harder.

Luckily the iPhone was there to capture my epic failure.

This week's attempt was much much more successful even if the photo wasn't any better. I give you black bean and potato fritatta with cheddar.

Trust me. It was delicious.

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